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  • Dec. 10, 2019
    Top News
    Subscriber exclusive: Times Food critics Bill Addison and Patricia Escárcega compiled a list of 101 places to eat in L.A. Their top picks include familiar names and brand-new entrants.
    The BolaWrap 100 fires a Kevlar cord that ensnares an individual’s body to restrict mobility, giving officers seconds to swarm the person without using more drastic measures.
    Democratic presidential candidate was freed from a confidentiality pact that barred him from publicly identifying the clients of a controversial management consulting firm.
    She admitted she plotted with consultant William “Rick” Singer to have an employee take online classes for her son, a Georgetown student.
    Officials are investigating threatening graffiti that was found near Topanga Elementary Charter School on two occasions over the past three weeks.
    The Democrats are widely expected to accuse President Trump of abuse of power and attempting to obstruct congressional investigations.
    The report describes numerous errors by the FBI but uncovers no evidence that the mistakes were influenced by political bias.
    The U.S. government across three White House administrations misled the public about failures in the Afghanistan war, often suggesting success where it didn’t exist, according to thousands of pages of documents obtained by the Washington Post.
    The latest outbreak of E. coli contamination sickened eight people in upper-Midwest states and 16 in Canada.
    Adulting classes have swelled in popularity, in part because many high schools have largely abandoned courses such as home economics that help students navigate the path to adulthood, experts say.
    Chicago rapper Juice Wrld suffered convulsions and went into cardiac arrest as police and federal agents were searching his and his entourage’s luggage for guns and drugs at a private hangar at Midway Airport over the weekend, according to police.
    Merriam-Webster has declared “they” its word of the year based on a 313% increase in look-ups on the company’s search site.
    World & Nation
    Welcome to the Los Angeles Times’ 2019 holiday gift guide, where our editors and writers are sharing their favorite gifts to give — and receive!
    Back in 1992, when Riverside was mostly a pit stop between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, the new owners of the Mission Inn decided to add some holiday decor to the block-size historic hotel.
    If you have a plant-related class, garden tour or other event you’d like us to mention, email jeanette.marantos@ — at least three weeks in advance — and we may include it.
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